NARC - Convictions of an Undercover Agent
Sal M. Martinez

narc agent book cover

A highly decorated undercover agent who pioneered investigations of drug cartels in Mexico, has written a book about his experiences, his successes and his downfall.

Sal Martinez of El Paso, Texas, tells a compelling story about his life, how law enforcement was a way out of the barrio, how ethics were a pillar of his life, how he and his partner broke barriers as Latino agents and how it all fell apart.

The book details the life of a man who rose in his career, who was respected by his law enforcement peers, who used classic tools and means to bust criminals and take tons of drugs and drug money off the streets. He used informants expertly to get the bad guys, he used creative methods, some illegal, to get to Juarez Cartel members and braved dangerous situations for the U.S. government.

In a cruel twist, the tools and means he used on criminals were used on him. He got set up by our government and sentenced to seven years in prison. Everything he worked for collapsed. Friends and co-workers abandoned him and he had to survive as a convicted cop in prison, not an easy thing.

Read about the life of a man who is trying to bounce back and restore the dignity he lost because of a betrayal by those he had trusted.

The book, Narc - Convictions of an Undercover Agent, is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The story is infused with his love for classic rock. He brings to light controversial issues relevant in today's political climate, such as racial profiling, government entrapment techniques, government waste and sexual and racial discrimination.

National Geographic -- Locked Up Abroad
Season 11, Episode 1 Mexican Cartel Takedown

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Watch Sal's interview on KVIA - Channel 7, El Paso, Texas.

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